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2Admission Agreement
4Identifying Information
5Parent OR Guardian Information
6Physician and Medical History
7Applicant Skills Inventory

Application Procedure

Step 1
DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. Center for Success Program Tour. Both the applicant and his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) should DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. Center for Success (ADT) tour before applying to the program. The applicant and parent/guardian must have attended this tour within one year of applying. During this tour, all aspects and goals of the program will be reviewed and discussed during a presentation with an opportunity for questions and answers by the DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. staff.
Step 2
Request and Review, DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. Center for Success Application Packet: The application packet can be picked up or request to be mailed. All required documents of the Application Packet must be submitted together to complete the process for admission. It is important that the most current information is submitted in order to determine that DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. Center is an appropriate placement and that the applicant has the combination of desire, motivation, skill, and experience to be successful in the program. Once DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. staff has reviewed the completed application packet, one of the following will take place: - The applicant and parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted to set up an interview for admission. - The applicant was not selected and may be encouraged to reapply or be placed on a waiting list.
Step 3
Participate In 30 Days Assessment: Both the applicant and the DESTINED FOR CHANGE LLC. Program Manager will meet with the applicant’s Waiver Support Coordinator to evaluate the program placement and establish program goals to be included in the Individual Program Plan or Implementation Plan.