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Medicaid Waiver Provider
DeSoto, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, and Sarasota counties

“Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.”

Martina Navratilova
Respect & Compassion

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Companion services consist of non-medical care, supervision, and socialization activities provided to recipients age 21 years or older..

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Supported employment services will provide training and assistance to support recipients in Job development and paid employment in above minimum wage unless the recipient will handle a small business..

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Adult Day Training (ADT) are training services intended to support the participation of recipients in valued routines of the community, including volunteering etc..

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best services.

Our mission is to provide each individual that we have the privilege to serve, a sense of accomplishment in assisting them in achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

We will provide positive services through the exposure of   new experiences that will eventually educate the individual toward the achievement of their personal outcomes.

We will provide the opportunity for choice through education of activities for daily life in the community.

We will stay   involved in the community, advocates for our individuals & encourage self advocacy.

Great Staff
Our Staff respond every time with a big warm smile.
Let the Numbers Speak
“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”


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What our people have to say

I highly recommend Destined For Change for any and all your (respite? Personal support, supported living) needs. Ms. Simmons’s work ethic and professionalism are beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Her passion and love for her clients are unmatched. She answered any and all questions I asked and responded in a timely manner. Her staff is very well trained and personable and you feel more like a family than a client.
N. ReedReview
 N. Reed
The staff at Destined for Change are amazing. The services that are provided to the consumers are exceptional. The company ensures that each consumer receives top notch services during the course of service delivery. This company is the best and if you are looking for community-based services for your loved ones or know of individuals who are in need of med waiver services look no further.
Z. HutchinsonReview
Z. Hutchinson
Destined for change saved my life. Great staff. I never have an issue reaching the coordinator. There’s always someone available to assist with my needs. So many companies are around for the money however destined for change is really here for the individual and their specific needs. I’m so thankful I found this provider.
C HopkinsReview
C Hopkins
I began working with Destined for change at the beginning of this year. The company since that time has grown in more ways than one. What makes Destined for Change different from others is the integrity it has for its consumers, employees, and the company’s name. There are several things that allow this company to stand out from others; however, as an employee working in this field for quite some time, I feel that the ability to admit mistakes, network to stay connected and its open-door policy helps complement its ability to strive and stick out from others.
K Rheams Review
 K Rheams
Destined for Change is an organization, where no matter what your abilities or disabilities are, you are loved & encouraged to be yourself, be the best you can be. The agency exudes a deep passion for each and every consumer, not only the consumers but their families, as well. I love the vision of the aha next and I am glad to be apart. Keep up the good work.
A. CUsseauxReview
A. CUsseaux

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